THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS - Victim Destroys Assailant / Im Dead, Youre Dead, Were All Dead - Live

Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Dismal Abysmal Recordings

Like The Brickbats, I found these two CDs in the Nightbreed mailorder catalogue. I knew THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS from their two early 90s releases ""The Fly"" 12"" and ""This Evil On Earth"" tape, which both sounded like The Cramps meet 45 Grave, or call it classical US-Death-Rock. I did not know, that the band was still alive and active through all the years, but in 1998 they split up and these CDs are kind of a testament, possibly another one with unreleased recordings will follow, I dont know.

On ""Victim Destroys Assailant"" we hear 13 tracks of dirty Gothic-Rock, more in the American way, than like English bands. The CD includes a 98 version of the old track ""Mr. Barnum"", which is a fine hit for the band.

The ""Live"" CD presents us the raw live power of this totally underrated band.

The EMPIRE HIDEOUS started at the same time as bands like London After Midnight or The Last Dance, but never had such poppy and mainstream influences. I would compare them to Funeral Party, Fade To Black, Screams For Tina, or The Deep Eynde/Kittens For Christian so if you like such music, try out THE EMPIRE HIDEOUS, you will love them. (A.P.)