THE ESCAPE - Faith And Decay

Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Oblivion / SPV

THE ESCAPE´s third album (+ 2 EPs), and it seems, that the band has transformed into a Gothic-Rock-Band...well, not totally, we still hear a lot of Wave influences, but all in all THE ESCAPE became harder, which is a very good development, as far as I can say. The band is often compared to Deine Lakaien, not musically, but because of the voice of singer Elten, whose singing is very theatrical, which is no surprise, if you know, that he is a professional Opera-Singer. As on the former releases, ""Faith And Decay"" has a very great cover artwork.

All in all a very fine release, but not as perfect as the second album ""Amaryllis"". Anyway, if you like wonderful Gothic-Wave, you should try THE ESCAPE. (A.P.)