THE EVIL SPEAKS - Resounding 2002

Wiederveröffentlichung: CD 2002
Erstveröffentlichung: CD 1992

One of Germany´s very few, but best Death-Rock bands ever is back. THE EVIL SPEAKS only released a couple of tapes and a track on a 7“ Compilation. Beside Madre Del Vizio and maybe the early Endless, they have been the only German band in this period, who played pure Death-Rock, obviously heavily influenced by Rozz Williams and the early Christian Death. In 1992 the band recorded a couple of tracks in the studio, but never released them professionally. Now, in 2002, the material was remixed and privately released via the website of the group, where it can be ordered only for the postage costs, as far as I know.

All the 7 tracks are really great and will satisfy every fan of this musical style. The atmosphere is dark, the bass is hammering, the guitars shriek and the singer Frank really seems to suffer a lot. The lyrics are about Death and the Devil and totally Anti-Christian, song titles like „Destroy Jehovas Church“ cannot be misunderstood. Especially this song would have fit perfectly on the „Only Theatre Of Pain“ album, every lover of this early Christian Death period will find a perfect follow up to it in „Resounding 2002“. The last song on this CD is „Dead Embryos“, and this is one of the greatest Death-Rock hymns ever, definetly on the same level as „Deathwish“, „Spoken Word“ and „Eyes Second Death“. If you like a mixture of Shadow Project and early Bauhaus („In The Flat Field“ period), you shouldn´t miss THE EVIL SPEAKS. Maybe there is a small chance, that the band will reunite some day for a couple of concerts. Until then, listen to „Resounding 2002“. (A.P.)

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