THE EVIL SPEAKS - The Evil Speaks

Erstveröffentlichung: MC / Eigenproduktion

THE EVIL SPEAKS have been a German Death-Rock-Band in the very early 90s and as far as I know, they only released one tape, a track on a 7"" sampler and another track on a French tape sampler.

Death-Rock has been not very wide spread in Germany and so THE EVIL SPEAKS did not have many other bands beside them, playing this style, except the early Madre Del Vizio.

The music is very raw and dark, a bit sounding like the ""Deathwish"" EP of Christian Death, but harder. Their track ""Dead Embryos"" should have been a Death-Rock classic and could have been featured on classic compilations like ""American Gothic"" or ""Hell Comes To Your House"" but anyway, the band split and is forgotten today. Thatīs a shame, because they had something very special... (A.P.)