Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Sounds Of Delight / Triton

„Burn“ is the third album of the Berlin based band HEAD ON FIRE. As heard on the former CDs, the band plays Gothic-ROCK with many Wave moments and poppy melodies. The voice of singer Falk Lohoff does not play with the classical Gothic cliche of sounding as dark as possible. The whole production seems to be a bit too clean for Gothic-Rock, but after listening to this CD, you can´t forget the melodies and sing them for yourself the whole day long. Influences? Well, maybe Girls Under Glass meet Marquee Moon meet Sad Lovers And Giants meet Lowlife meet... (now include your favourite Gothic-Wave act). They sound like an Electro-Pop band playing Guitar-Rock or so. Not a groundbreaking, but a very nice CD. I guess, the band is live much more raw and wild, so you should visit a gig, if possible. (A.P.)