Erstveröffentlichung: CD-R 2004 / Eigenproduktion

The Greek Gothic/Alternative-Band THE ILLUSION FADES is active for about 15 years now and released a couple of good records and CDs. The latest release „In Black“ showed us the band as a solo project of mastermind George Dedes, but in 2004 he formed a new and complete line up and records a new album. We had the opportunity to listen to some unmastered new recordings and can definetly say, that the new album will be a wonderful Gothic-Rock piece and presents THE ILLUSION FADES as a real band again, which makes the songs much more powerful. If you like classic Guitar-Goth in the vein of some good old 80s bands like The Mission, get in contact with George via the above mentioned Email address and he will surely hold you informed about all news. I await the finally mastered and soon to be coming album curiously. It could be also interesting for Strobelight Records, who behold the power of „Old School“-Gothic-Rock. (A.P.)

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