Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2002 / Angel Records / Cyberdelia Records

The Greek band THE ILLUSION FADES is around since the early 90s and released a couple of fine Gothic-Rock records and CDs through the years. Actually I received the latest album „In Black“ and it seems, that THE ILLUSION FADES today is a solo project of George Dedes, who plays all instruments, sings and produces this album. When I read the info sheet, I was a bit feared, that the band has turned into the Gothic-Metal genre, because the info compares „In Black“ with bands like Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Theatre Of Tragedy and other boring groups. But, when I listened to the CD the first time, I realized, that it is pure Gothic-Rock with only very few Metal moments. I really like the CD, ´cos it has a very loveable spirit, which will satisfy all fans of classical Guitar-Goth. Most of the songs are really good and I would love to listen to them performed live on stage by a complete band. I think, the production is a bit to straight. It doesn´t sound like a band, but like a solo project and could have been produced with some more power and drive. Anyway, the album is in fact very good and will be loved by all fans of bands like Kiss The Blade, old The Mission and other „pure“ Gothic-Rockers. Try it out! (A.P.)

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