IN COMA - Satisfaction 2001

Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2001 / Karnak / E.N.D.E.

IN COMA is a new Electro-Project with connections to the Industrial act MS Gentur. The album „Satisfaction 2001“ features 13 great electronic tracks, mostly dancable with EBM feeling, but also minimalistic, monotonous, with Wave influences, Techno influences and a lot of Samples. The songs have a very forcing production and will surely let the crowds dance in the Clubs. Let´s remember acts like Der Liederkranz, Die Maschine, Stendal Blast, Serpents, Dive or actually Pzycho Bitch (with male vocals) and you can imagine, what you get to hear, playing this CD. Even, if I am not a big Electro fan for years, this album pushes me a lot, because of its driving power. Get it, if you are into Electro-Dustrial! (A.P.)

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