Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2001 / Alice In... / Nova Media

INKUBUS SUKKUBUS have ever been INKUBUS SUKKUBUS and will ever be INKUBUS SUKKUBUS, they are unique, also on their 8th album „Supernature“. INKUBUS SUKKUBUS are one of UKs longest running Gothic-Rock bands, their musical style is often called „Pagan Rock“, which does not mean anything else than Gothic-Rock with Pagan inspired lyrics. The sound is still very comparable to Ghost Dance (from the 80s) and Die Laughing (from the 90s), very powerful and melodic and Candia´s voice is again very lovable. Many songs are even dancable and will be played in good Gothic-Clubs, I think. On the other hand, most of the songs are sounding very similar and even most of the albums do, too. If you wait for any new influences or ideas in INKUBUS SUKKUBUS´ work, you possibly will be a bit disappointed. I don´t mean, that the CD is not good, but some new attractions on future works would be very lovable for my taste. Anyway, I you liked the band before, you will also love „Supernature“. I was always a fan and will be one in the future.Don´t miss the band playing live! (A.P.)

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