KIRLIAN CAMERA - Dawn...79-80

Erstveröffentlichung: MC / Eigenproduktion

This was KIRLIAN CAMERAīs first ever release for Promotion. Rumours say, that the original edition was limited to 25 copies, so I donīt think, anyone of us will ever see an original copy. Anyway, the tape has been copied very often and it shouldīt be too difficult to find a tape or CD-R copy with a not too bad sound.

The songs sound like a mixture of the early KIRLIAN CAMERA stuff (very Joy Division influenced) and Minimal Electro-Wave like Dark Day or Frozen Ducks. Well, comparing this first ever release and the latest CD outputs, Angelo Bergamini has made various very strange changes, from New Wave to Pop, from Italo Disco to Darkwave, from Minimal-Electro to danceable Electro, but it always had been uncomparable KIRLIAN CAMERA sound. Fans should try to find a copy of this tape, not because of its high standard (in fact the sound is not very good), but because of its historical worth. (A.P.)