KNIFELADDER - Split-CD mit Naevus

Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2004 / Terra Fria/Resurrection Records

And finally here is another fine release of England´s NAEVUS, this time a Split-CD with the project KNIFELADDER. Each band has three tracks on the CD and it comes in a really nice black PVC-CD-Box, limited to only 500 copies.

NAEVUS´ opener „Less Than Queer“ is a typical Neofolk-track with acoustic guitar and a nice melody. It is a cover of a David E. Williams track, by the way. „The Devil“ has a certain feeling between oriental music and a waltz and sounds a bit darker, in my opinion, one of the best songs of the band yet! Third piece is „Don´t Boil (Version One)“, much more minimalistic and possibly the right song for a campfire late in the night.

KNIFELADDER offers „Retina (Last Gasp Edit)“, a remix of an older track, which comes over more experimental and dark an can make your bowels churn, really thrilling music with a Soundtrack-feeling (for films like „The Crow“). A fantastic musical piece which surely will be loved by fans of early Six(th) Comm. „Oblivion (Anti Valium Remix) has more Industrial influences, somewhere between Einstürzende Neubauten, early Skinny Puppy and Nurse With Wound combined with many samples. Very dark and, as said in the info-sheet, nihilistic. The last KNIFELADDER track „Faultline (Anti Valium Remix)“ is the most straight song, what does not mean, that it has anything to do with Pop-music.

On this Split-CD it seems, that KNIFELADDER are the „winners“, but NAEVUS present their many-sided work very good, too. A fine release to discover to great bands. (A.P.)