Erstveröffentlichung: Mini-CD 1995 / Apollyon / Efa

After three Tape releases, California´s THE LAST DANCE put our their first CD in Europe on Apollyon, which was a good choice, ´cos this label has been one of the finest for Gothic-Rock in the 90s. The band features former members of bands like The Prophetess and London After Midnight and plays a kind of Dark-Rock, that is somewhere between these bands and some of the legendary Brit-Goth bands from the 80s, especially The Mission. Take Wayne Hussey´s singing and some typical American Gothic guitars and wonderful melodies like The Chameleons gave us and you get an idea of THE LAST DANCE´s sound. It is of course not spectacular, not dark and gloomy, but very warm sounding with a certain Guitar-Wave feeling in it. I think “Wayne Hussey singing with The Chameleons with Bari Bari (Mephisto Walz) on Guitars” is a nearly perfect description, so listen to THE LAST DANCE, even, if you only like one of the mentioned bands. (A.P.)