Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2004 / Strobelight Records / Indigo

What a surprise! Just reviewed the latest LAST DAYS OF JESUS MCD „Guns´n´Drums´n´March´n´Fun“ and finally the new Album of this strange band from Slovakia arrives. It comes out on the lovely Strobelight Records label, which is surely a good choice for both, band and label. THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS are really hard to describe, try it with Cyber-Death-Rock, based on rocking guitars and the uncomparable singing of „maryO The deadspacejoker“. This album contains more Death-Rock than the last MCD, which was more produced for the Clubs. Songs like „Everyday Is Halloween“, „Fear, Gunshot...Then The Bliss“, „Death Song“ or „Life In Line“ are upcoming Clubhits at all relevant Death-Rock/Batcave-Parties for sure. I feel a bit remembered on the french band Martyr Whore and a lot of Virgin prunes feeling, meeting late 70s David Bowie sometimes and I guess, this could have been the way, Rozz Williams could sound today, if he hadn´t died untimely in 1998.

The CD only runs about 35 minutes, but contains all good songs and no bad one.

I hope, THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS reach a bigger audience with „Alien Road“, because they are one of the most original bands in the scene these days. (A.P.)