THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS - Guns´n´Drums´n´March´n´Fun

Erstveröffentlichung: Maxi-CD 2003 / Eigenproduktion

I know the slowakian band THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS since the mid 90s, when they „only“ had some demotapes available and I really liked them, because they played a very fresh kind of Gothic-/Death-Rock with hits like „Der Trug“ and others. They´ve also been a very good live band in these days. In 1999 they released the CD „Narrentanz“ which showed further influences than only Gothic and now there is a new MCD available, which features three really different versions of the title track. There are not many Gothic-Rock moments today, but THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS developed a very own Crossover-sound with influences from many many musical styles. Most rememberable is the „Psycho“-voice of singer Poor Mary“0“, combined with rocking Alternative guitars and many electronical sounds. Really an uncomparable mixture and therefore really likeable. I prefer the original version of the track, ´cos it reminds me most of all on the good old Gothic times. The other two versions, especially the long and industrialized „Deadly Fun Mix“ are more dancable and possibly can be heard in some good clubs in europe.

Finally comes the really well done videoclip of „Army Of God“.

I didn´t see THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS on stage for many years, but I am sure they present a great Psycho-show and a powerful sound.

If you think, you could like some kind of Alternative-Gothic-Electro-Crossover, check out THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS´ music and their really good website. (A.P.)

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