THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS - Narrentanz - Musik Für Die Massen

Erstveröffentlichung: CD-EP / New Christian Music

I saw THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS as support for Marquee Moon and Forthcoming some years ago in Berlin and Potsdam and got their Demos. Later I received the debut CD from the Alice In... Label and was very impressed by this group from Slovakia. They played a very US-influenced kind of Gothic-Rock, which I did not hear from a European band for a very long time. Unfortunatly I lost the contact after the CD-release and an interview, but happily, I now received their new product and I like it again very much. The band developed to a more Crossover act, away from pure Gothic-Rock. They now use more electronic elements and sometimes some metallic guitars, but all in all it is still the same musikal style as before, only more open-minded.

They also offer two cover versions on this CD, firstly „China Girl“ of David Bowie, which does not sound like anything, Bowie ever did. If there wouldn´t be the lyrics, you would not notice it as this song. Then we get to hear „Pet Semetary“ by the legendary Ramones, which sounds much better and could become a dancefloor-filler.

Well, if you are an open-minded Gothic listener, try out this fine CD, if not, choose their first album first, you won´t be disappointed. (A.P.)