LIMBO - Continuum: The Fire Front

Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Energeia / Triton

I know LIMBO since the brilliant ""Our Mary Of Cancer"" LP and the even good ""Vox Insana"" CD, but lost the view on their work after ""Zos Kia Kaos"" a bit. Here is a really new work, first part of three concept releases in the years 1998/99 and 2000. ""Continuum..."" only contains coverversions of classic underground songs, reworked in the very own LIMBO-electro-style. There are tracks like Kraftwerk´s ""Trans Europe Express"", Throbbing Gristles ""Convincing people"", Joy Division´s ""Heart And Soul"", Virgin Prunes ""If I Die/Sweethome Under White Clouds"" or Suicide´s ""Ghost Rider"". LIMBO never offers a simple copy of classic tracks, but more a kind of respectful tribute to some bands, that obviously influenced the work of Italy´s bestknown electro act (beside Pankow). GIANLUCA BECUZZI sometimes combines two classic tracks like ""Yü Gung"" by Einstürzende Neubauten and ""Der Mussolini"" by DAF or ""Information Of Death"" by Neon and ""Sick In Your Mind"" by Klinik, which is very well done and sometimes uses italian translations of the lyrics. Beside the real classics, we also find three reworks of contemporary bands, Kirlian Camera, Orbital and Suicide Commando and finally three short original LIMBO pieces, so I guess, this CD will satisfy all old fans and recrute a lot of new interested listeners. (A.P.)