Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2002 / Middle Pillar / Audioglobe

Wonderful, THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN present their fourth full length album and it is a great one again!

As always, the cover artwork is really beautiful, but did anyone exspect anything else?

Some things in the music have changed a bit, a little bit less ethereal, a bit more gothic, but still full of atmosphere. All in all the music is a bit darker, and that´s the reason, why I really like this album and think, it is one of the band´s best releases.

The CD opens with the Gothic(-Rock) song „Masks“, which is very enjoyable, followed by „Outside“ in the same musical vein, but a bit darker. Then comes „Time“, a very good and rhythmic song with tribal drumming. Track 4 „Wonderland“ turns into some kind of melancholic Wave-Pop, the melody reminds me a bit on Soft Cell´s „Heat“ (if I remember right). „Icarus“ is more minimalistic, as is „Ghost“, which reminds me a bit on the Polish band Fading Colours. “Open“ has a heavy US-Gothic influence and sounds a bit like Faith And The Muse, very cool with great guitars, so the song is one of my favourites on „Asphodel“. „Dawn“ is a melancholic piano ballad, which could have been a Gitane Demone song, too. Then „Echo“, more Dark-Wave, very electronic, possibly the right song for the Clubs. Next comes „Cry“, a fine Neo-Folk song, even with some medieval tunes. „Seek“ is by far the most technoid song on this album, very dancable with good Gothic guitars again. „One“ is possibly the song, which reminds mostly on the older albums of THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN, because of its melancholic, minimalistic and ethereal atmosphere. The album then ends with a big surprise, a cover of Depeche Mode´s „Photographic, which sounds of course very different to the original. Again I feel remembered on Fading Colours.

So, what else to say about this album? I think all fans of the band will love it, but it has also the substance to convince new people of THE MACHINE IN THE GARDEN. I close this review, as I opened it: wonderful!

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