MORE - Lose Places

Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Eigenproduktion

Gianmarco Bellumori is still well known from his former band Blooding Mask. On his new project MORE, he works together with AndreaLonghitano and Alessandro Di Petrillo and what else could we exspect than really good Gothic-Rock? No boring Metal-influences, not too many Keyboard sounds, but shrieky guitars, which sometimes remember on Mephisto Walz. The whole thing is classical 80s inspired Gothic-Rock with many influences from England, some US-Gothic moments and a very italian soul. I canīt think of any other country these days, from where comes such pure Gothic-Rock, as we hear it from Italy (think also of Burning Gates etc.).

Coming more to the end of the CD, we also find some influences from Alternative Rock with Wah Wah effects, but always produced in a dark way, remembering ""Never Enough"" by The Cure or something in this style...

Funny, on the back of the CD booklet, Gianmarco looks like Robert Smith in the video for ""The Walk"", but the music sounds never like the Cure. Taste this CD, if you like good old Gothic-Rock. (A.P.)