NERVOUS GENDER - Let Me Tell You A Story About...

Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Eigenproduktion

NERVOUS GENDER are legendary, even, if they only had two real releases in the 80s. Beside the Screames, NERVOUS GENDER have been the best known „Synth-Punk“ band and their „Music From Hell“ LP ist absolutely brilliant. „Let Me Tell You A Story About...“ is a CD-R, which was compiled by Edward Stapleton himself and contains 7 tracks from the last ever Live Performance of the band in November 1988. Further there are a couple of tracks from the „Music From Hell“ album and some songs of the side project GOBSCHEIT from 1986, so that this CD-R gives a nearly perfect view on the work of an outstanding band in the 80s. Order this album directly for the address above and find out more about Edward and Karene Stapleton´s actual project Kali´s Thugs. (A.P.)