NYX - The First Aeon

Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2002 / Plastic Passion

After the advance CD-single „Siberian“ in 2001, finally the first complete album of Finland´s NYX is out on the Plastic Passion label and it is a wonderful addition to all Future-Pop (or however you would call it) collections. The music is mostly dancable and electronically based, but what makes NYX special are the female vocals of Marie Hedberg, who worked in the fields of Classical music and Theatre before. Some songs are really poppy, well, it can be called Synthie-Pop („Siberian“), but the band also has some harder, more driving tracks like „Carnival“, which could become a Clubhit. Further there are more mystical, atmospheric tracks and a lot of 80s influences. Let me describe NYX as the missing link between X-Perience, No Comment and some Heavenly Voices-bands. It would be really nice, if the band would find a good distributor in Germany and maybe a booker, who brings them onto German stages. Anyway, „The First Aeon“ offers great Electro-Wave with brilliant female vocals and this should be reason enough to contact the band soon. (A.P.)