NYX - Siberian

Erstveröffentlichung: Maxi-CD 2001 / Plastic Passion

I know NYX from Finland since the mid 90s, when they released a great tape, which featured the brilliant track „Headwind“, which sounded like Sleeping Dogs Wake in their best moments. After that tape, I lost contact with the band and was very surprised, when they contacted me again in Autumn 2002, announcing their first CD album „The First Aeon“.

As an appetizer for this album, NYX released the MCD „Siberian“, a nice, self produced three-track piece.

First comes the title track „Siberian“, a very dancable Electro-Wave song with a poppy feeling and great female vocals.

Second track is „Can You Feel It“, a much more minimalistic and cold Electro track, which reminds me a bit on the early recordings of Hipnosis or Laser Dance, very 80s influenced, somewhere between soundtrack music and dancefloor filler.

Third and last song is the original (I think, it means an older) version of „Siberian“. This one sounds a lot like the German Electro-Pop-Band X-Perience, who had a major hit with „The Neverending Dream“ some years ago.

„Siberian“ shows a lot of the potential of NYX and is a very promising release on the way to the complete album. (A.P.)