ON THE FLOOR - Waiting For The Summer

Erstveröffentlichung: Maxi-CD 1999 / Eigenproduktion

I knew the name ON THE FLOOR for a long time and think, I heard some songs of them on various Compilations and saw the band as Support for Untoten, where they had a very bad sound. I also read some articles about this band, but never became really interested in them...what was a big mistake.

Some time ago I met Henning of the band and he invited me to see ON THE FLOOR playing live at the Kir Club in Hamburg in Spring 2001...and I was surprised to see a really brilliant band, influenced by the Old School Gothic-Rock of the 80s. It was very refreshing to hear the good old sound again and Henning gave me their debut MCD „Waiting For The Summer“, which is really great. It is self-produced, but the sound and the wonderful artwork are very professional. Musically it reminds me a bit on the powerful Gothic-Rock of the austrian band Kiss The Blade.

If you like such music, don´t wait and visit the homepage of the band and order this MCD. As far as I know, the band is currently working on the first fulltime album. (A.P.)

Webadresse der Band: www.onthefloor.de