RADICAL DADS - Interview January 2014

This interview with the RADICAL DADS from the USA was done by E-Mail in early 2014, but unfortunatly got lost in a hard disc crash and only now could have been saved from the damaged hard disc. So, it is not very actual, but as the RADICAL DAS are a fantastic (Alternative-) Rock-Band with great songs, I guess, it is still interesting. Great music, nice people and a fine sendse of humour...so: enjoy!


??? Why RADICAL DADS? Aren’t there any other bands, which are worth a listening? Why should we buy YOUR records?

!!! There are no other bands. We are the last one. Oh, and Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement are still around, possibly. You should buy our records because the covers make great dartboards.

??? Who is/was/will be the RADICAL DADS? And is Lindsay baker a “sweet transvestite”? Will there be the RADICAL MOMS some day?

!!! Radical Dads is Robbie, Lindsay, and Chrissy, at least until our (unborn) children take over, which will happen once they need jobs. Our archnemesis is the band COOL MOMS.

??? Why did you choose, to work nearly absolutely independently? Did no Major record label want you?

!!! We are very greedy, so we couldn’t bear the thought of giving anyone else a cut. We’re in this business to make money, NOT friends.

??? The custom’s official, who handed me your actual 7” “Creature Out” was a bit concerned about your bandname RADICAL Dads…do we have to fear, you are terrorists?

!!! We would make terrible terrorists. Because we believe in the ethos of ALL-TIME PEACE.

??? Are RADICAL DADS a political band or do you only sing and comment on topics like Love and Happyness? Do you think, the NSA knows about this interview yet?

!!! The NSA is actually answering these questions in a way that is authentic to our interview approach in order to make you think you are interviewing the band Radical Dads. We have one song about happiness. We can’t tell you its name, though. It´s classified.

??? From which social background are the bandmembers and why did you choose to be musicians? What are you doing to pay your rent or are you “only” musicians?

!!! We are from the upper pizza crust of the social pastry strata. To pay rent, we teach children, create websites for the Internet, and place huge bets on tiny stock market movements.

??? Anyone of you doing other arts? Any other bands/musical projects?

!!! Lindsay and Robbie have a soda ´zine called FIZZ NAVIGATOR. If you listen closely to bubbles, they sound like early Pet Shop Boys.

??? How do you explain a live show of RADICAL DADS to somebody, who never saw one? Don’t use the words “intimate”, „energy” or “power” in your answer…
!!! Hmmm. Our live show is a powerful display of intimacy — one that can make even the most energetic of extroverts into a very private and shy individual. Also, we use a lot of amps, and Robbie’s drum is always crawling away from him, in fear of being hit.

??? What do you know about Germany, especially the music scene? Which German bands do you know (Kraftwerk and Scorpions are no interesting answers!)?

!!! We know the word “backpfeifengesicht.” Is there anything else to know, really? We like Neu!, Can, and Gas. Three letters only, please.

??? Will you play Europe in the near or far future? What can we expect then?

!!! Probably in the mid-future, once Europe figure out what to do with Ukraine. We’d like to travel on the trains, fondle the non-Euro currencies, and play shows with subtitles. We also look forward to the foam parties of Ibiza.

??? Anything else I forgot to ask or you want to add? Did you notice, that this “10 questions” interview has 22 questions?

!!! You forgot to ask us about our fling with Angela Merkel. Major oversight. (A.P.)