BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL - As One Aflame Laid Bare By Desire

Erstveröffentlichung: CD 1999 / Projekt Records

BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL are active for about 15 years now and they have released a couple of wonderful albums, but unfortunatly never had real commercial success in Europe, even if their compositions are of high quality. Anyway, everybody who ever listened to this ethereal, calm music, must have fallen in love with it at once. I guess, the band canīt hear it anymore, but the music is in fact very comparable to Dead Can Dance in their best moments. Maybe it can also compared with the very calm moments of Enya, or even a combination of both mentioned artists? There is both, classical influences and moments of a certain celtic feeling. This is not music to be listened while cleaning the house on Saturday morning, but something to sit on a rainy Sunday afternoon by candlelight in a melancholic (but not depressive!) mood, drinking a glass of wine. Like all BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL releases, the artwork is great and in a perfect world, this band would be real stars. (A.P.)

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