THE DEAD BOYS - Night Of The Living Dead Boys

Erstveröffentlichung: LP / Line Records / Intercord

THE DEAD BOYS have been the band of STIV BATORS before he founded The Lords Of The New Church. The sound is very punky, somewhere between Iggy & The Stooges, Misfits and The Damned. This live recording from the last gig of the original DEAD BOYS was recorded at the CBGBīs in March 1979 and firstly released on Bomp! Records in 1981. This re-release came out in Germany on Line Records in 1986 on white vinyl. The sound is raw and powerful and the record contains DEAD BOYS classics like ""3rd Generation Nation"", ""Catholic Boy"", ""Ainīt It Fun"" and ""Ainīt Nothinī To Do"" plus some more. More Garage-Punk than Death-Rock, but very great stuff. If you like Misfits-like Halloween-Rock, you are right here. (A.P.)