DRACUL - Speichel Und Blut

Erstveröffentlichung: CD / Spirit / SPV

Well, here we have the second release of DRACUL, which is nothing else than a side-project of Umbra Et Imago, as everybody knows and I am not really sure, how to write about this CD. I really find Umbra Et Imago very ridicolous and absurd, because of their really pathetic and cliche-like image and so it is hard to be fair about DRACUL. Anyway, there are some interesting tracks on this release, which is nearly totally electronic plus some antique instruments like bagpipes and a lot of 80s influences. There are some nice songs like ""Tanzen"", which is created for the dancefloors of your local underground discos or ""Zum Lobe Des Herrn"", but I forgot most of the songs five minutes after I heard them, there is nothing really special in this music. Of course we find some sexual fantasies in the lyrics, as we know it from Umbra Et Imago, but that makes me smiling, I had such fantasies in my puberty in the mid 80s.

Not a bad work, but all in all not my cup of tea. How can we call the style? Maybe GBM (Gothic Body Music) ? (A.P.)