Erstveröffentlichung: CD 2001 / Serenades Records / Connected

I always thought, that THE DREAMSIDE are more a Gothic-Metal band, than a Gothic-Rock band, as the info tells me. Well, in my opinion, it is more Dark-Wave with Gothic-Metal and -Rock influences. Anyway, here is the actual, third album of THE DREAMSIDE and it is okay, īcos it is very many-sided. The voice of singer Kemi Vita is somewehre between Skeletal Family/Ghost Dance, Cranberries and Throwing Muses, very likely. The music is mostly rocky and sometimes completed by a Violin, which sounds very good. I prefer the faster Rocksongs, than the calm ones. THE DREAMSIDE reminds me a bit on the German band Moonchild, maybe because of the female singer combined with Gothic-Guitars. Not a pure Gothic-Rock album, but a very good CD anyway. (A.P.)